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What is the main objective of International Licensing Consultants?

International Licensing Consultants was established with the aim of supporting independent inventors and encouraging new product development. As an independent licensing agent we offer assistance in the areas of licensing negotiations and product introductions.

How can I get in touch with International Licensing Consultants?

You can contact us through standard mail or by telephone. Our contact page offers all the contact details.

Does International Licensing Consultants provide patent assistance?

International Licensing Consultants is neither a patent assistance agency nor a patent agent. However, we are affiliated to some patent assistance firms. In case you have an innovative idea and wish to get it patented, we can refer you to one of our patent assistance affiliates.

Can I get more information regarding tradeshows?

Details regarding invention marketing through tradeshows are available on the ‘tradeshows’ section of the site.

Is creating a prototype a part of the company's standard new product development process?

Advancement in the field of technology has rendered the creation of physical prototypes unnecessary. To create an accurate working model, a prototype may have to be redone multiple times making the whole exercise very expensive. To avoid this, we create animated graphic 3-D depictions of your product. The digital prototypes provide an accurate interpretation of your idea. We post these on our Virtual Product Showcase for manufacturers.

How can you prevent manufacturers coming to your website from stealing my idea?

We only accept clients having a patent pending status or patent protection. This in itself is a strong protection against being cheated by manufacturers. Moreover, we do not provide manufacturers with immediate access to complete details of your product. To access these details, manufacturers first need to get registered with us and sign a confidentiality agreement.

How many inventions actually make it to the market?

You may see many new concepts and products entering the market every year. But, compared to the total number of inventions pursued, the percentage of those making it to the market is small.

What is the meaning of licensing?

The transfer of patent rights held by an inventor to a third party corporation is known as licensing. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement as the corporation can earn profit by manufacturing and distributing the patented product, while the innovator can claim a royalty.

What is the cost of services provided by International Licensing Consultants?

We offer services on a contingency basis (no up front fees) to the clients coming through our affiliate companies. For further information on the cost of our services, call us today.

How do I come to know, if a manufacturer shows interest in my idea?

We provide our clients with regular updates regarding the progress made on their projects. If a manufacturer expresses interest in your product, we will notify you about it in the shortest time possible.