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International Licensing Consultants (ILC) offers manufacturers a unique opportunity to leverage the innovative patent-protected creations of willing, independent inventors. As an independent licensing agent, ILC is well-equipped to offer assistance with new product introduction, licensing and product marketing to developers and inventors. Be part of our manufacturer network and make the most of cutting-edge innovations!

Why is partnering with ILC a smart decision?

You have absolutely nothing to lose, but a tremendous amount to gain. Here, ‘amount’ can be anything from great product ideas to augment your existing line-up, a profitable addition to your current offerings, or even a completely new approach to your present manufacturing/product development activities. The possibilities are endless when you believe in the power of innovative ideas to drive revenue and enhance brand credibility.

Did you know that the product licensing industry is a billion dollar one that has witnessed exponential growth over the years, and continues on this fast-track journey to new product discovery? With ILC, you can choose from a veritable pool of exciting ideas and inventions to give your business the boost it so deserves!

Five compelling reasons to choose ILC

Why do so many manufacturers prefer to rely on our services? Here’s a look:

  • We have a stringent client acceptance policy that expects clients to (a) demonstrate United States or international patent pending status or patent protection, and (b) get positive evaluations from known independent, third-party organizations.
  • We screen, assess and post new reviews on a regular basis
  • You can review our suite of offerings through a simple process; we also ensure that offerings match your pre-determined requirements.
  • We offer you a no-cost, no-risk solution to view and accept inventions and new products
  • All communication and negotiations between manufacturers and inventors are routed through ILC only. This ensures transparency and accountability.

How to get started?

All you need to do is register with us, and you’ll gain access to the new product ideas that can usher in the envisioned benefits. Registering is easy:

  1. Specify your industry category and the kind of products you’d like to review
  2. Please make sure you include your contact details
  3. Create your unique user name and password

Upon registration, your account will be activated and you’ll receive notifications about new products that best match your requirements. We also welcome you to browse the extensive range of product ideas on our site.

Manufacturers Register here!

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Upon approval from ILC, you will be able to preview emerging concepts that may not only benefit your
company but may revolutionize an industry.