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Whether you just started the patent process or you already have a patent, you can safely and effectively take your show on the road! Licensing agreements are an area of "contract law" that should always be prepared by an experienced professional licensing agent or lawyer.

Our licensing affiliates:

ILC’s licensing affiliates will assist you in marketing your new product innovation on a contingency fee basis! We have the expertise to negotiate your Multiple Points Agreement that spells out the terms of your manufacturing relationship, distribution rights, proprietary rights, and marketing arrangements, use of copyrights and trademarks and appropriate corporate structure. All of these issues must be covered legally and properly when structuring an effective licensing agreement that protects your proprietary rights to an invention.

The licensing affiliates will immediately focus on execution of your game plan through disciplined action and information. They will apply industry knowledge and help guide your development as an innovator in our industry. Unlike other organizations, our affiliates only collect commissionable fees after securing a licensing agreement on your behalf. They act as your liaison, the middleman, between you and the potential licensing entity. A licensing affiliate has a fiduciary responsibility to negotiate on your behalf for maximum results while keeping you informed all the way through completion.

Through our licensing affiliates, you can expect:

  • Tradeshow Representation - see the Trade Show Page
  • Personal Internet Webpage with Non-Disclosure Agreement - giving your new idea an immediate global online presence and immediate access for review
  • Press Releases and Brochures - a Master Press Release announcing the availability of your new product invention. This tool may be submitted to newspapers, magazines and trade journals.
  • Payment Arrangements - whether you decide to take your royalties up front, as a percentage per year, on a quarterly, bi-annual, monthly basis or a flat buyout, your affiliate will consult with you and help you make the right decision.

When it comes to submitting your new invention to industry, place your confidence with one of our proven and veteran licensing affiliates. Leverage their expertise to work for you.